English Cafe | 英会話カフェ


Photo (unchanged) by anyalogic via CC license


  • 場所:Hikari English 教室
  • 日時:第3土曜日 午後7時~
  • 会費:500円/回



 4/19 の内容

1.  Meet and Introduce

  • What’s your name?(名前)
  • Where do you live?(住んでいるところ)
  • What do you do?(仕事)
  • What are your hobbies?(趣味)
  • Are you married? (既婚?未婚?)
  • Do you have children?(子供)
  • Do you like ___________?(好きですか)
  • Have you ever _____? (経験)

2.  Talk about a favorite restaurant.

  • What’s a favorite restaurant? (好きなレストラン)
  • Where is it? (どこ)
  • What do they have? (メニュー)
  • What do you recommend? (お勧めのメニュー)
  • What is it like?  (どんな雰囲気)
  • How much does it cost?(いくら)
  • Why do you like it?(なぜ好き)



  • What’s your name? (初級)
  • Who is your favorite comedian? (中級)
  • What do you think about----? (上級)


  • Last year, I went to Hawaii. I…

やり方 作り方など

  • How to make a Paper crane.
  • How to bake a cake